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Our Program | Notre programme

Programme préscolaire 3-5 ans | ​3-5 Year Old Preschool French Program 

​L’enfant apprend dans son milieu naturel qui est le jeu et découvre activement le monde qui l’entoure.
Des centres sont organisés qui permettent à l’enfant d’expérimenter sa compréhension du monde. Les centres sont variés et vont stimuler les sens de votre enfant et son désir d’explorer à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur. L’écriture, la lecture, les mathématiques, et le social sont intégrés dans les centres. Notre but est d’inciter l’enfant à faire des choix, et à initier son jeu. Cela permet à l’enfant  de développer ses compétences dans un milieu sécurisant. Des thèmes qui intéressent les enfants et qui reflètent leurs intérêts sont choisis au cours de l’année. L’enseignante
observe l’enfant, enrichit son jeu, et attend le moment opportun pour le stimuler.





The natural way for children to make sense of the world is through play.

Areas in the preschool are organized to promote play, which allows children to develop their comprehension of the world. The many play areas stimulate children’s curiosity and their desire to explore the world inside as well as outside. Pre-literacy, writing, math, and social
are part of each area. Our goal is to encourage children to make their own choices and initiate games. This allows children to develop their knowledge in a safe environment. We observe children and base our themes on their interests. The Teacher monitors children, adds to their games and waits for teachable moments.

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Fequently Asked Questions

Do we need to be Francophone to send our child to the preschool?

The preschool is open for the francophone community and they are given registration priority until February 7. After February 7 registration is open to everyone on the base of first come first served.


My child does not speak French , is this a problem ?

We are in an English Province and in a small French community. The majority of children who come to the preschool do not speak French when they arrive.  Children have a great ability to adapt and acclimatize quickly to the Francophone community !


I would like to enroll my child in preschool in January.  Will my child have difficulty following the other children who started in September ?

Children need one to two weeks to adapt to a new environment . Those who join our group in January adjust quickly . The other children help with this adjustment, demonstrating the routine as well as offering demonstrations of what is being asked.


My child has learning difficulties in the area of language.  Should they learn in French?

The Research does not suggest that adding a second language affects language development.  In fact, studies demonstrate that children with language difficulties are able to do just as well in bilingual education settings, as in monolingual settings.  However, children with language difficulties may need increased support in learning French, as they would in learning in English.  Learning French only at school is not enough to support their language development.  It takes French outside school too – books, activities, music, movies or TV shows, joining people who speak French, etc.. I suggest you read the following article:


Can you explain to me how a child learns by playing?




Why is early childhood development important?




How can I prepare my child who experiences separation anxiety?

We can help you navigate any anxiety your child might have starting preschool. 


Where do I find information regarding fees and registration?

Les Petites Abeilles takes pride in being an affordable option for your child to begin their education. Please contact us directly at 587 585 8774. We will be happy to discuss any questions you have and send you our registration pack via email. 

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