Admission Criteria


Children must be potty trained and three years of age. If the preschool teacher considers that the child is not ready for preschool, the family will be advised. For example a child who is experiencing separation anxiety or a child who represent a danger for other children.

85% of the children who attend our francophone preschool do not speak French at home. As they arrive in September, they are immerged, by the end of September they already understand basic information and can follow the routine. Children will start using French words in October and their progress continues through the school year.

Children’s social development is very important in the class and later in society. Children need to understand rules, what is appropriate and what is not. We will use English to solve conflicts, when necessary.

You will receive by email the vocabulary we are working on, so you can support your child at home.

Your support is the key to your children’s progress. They need to see your interest as well as your encouragement in their effort to learn a new language.